What does this mean?
Asks the viewer.


My painting speaks for itself.

Says the artist.

Maybe sometimes it's like that.

But I would like to tell you something about my works.


What drives me to paint?
When painting, I am very focused, but full of energy. A beautiful condition! If you allow it, the most incredible results occur. However, this is a learning process (or were) also for me. After the initial desire was to paint as lifelike as possible, my intention shifted. I strive for something different. Something that lies deeper. My motives - or the inspiration for painting - are to be found in the outer world
. Transforming what is there into a different reality is what I am looking for by using the paintbrush. This is exciting and profound, sometimes fabulous, positive, full of admiration and fascination for nature and its creatures. Have you ever looked animals in the face? There's curiosity, joy, or fear. Or maybe pride, humor, wisdom. What do you see? My animal portraits should open our eyes to these hidden qualities.
What is my approach?

Usually I apply a first wash of color (on the canvas or paper) with reddish tones, eg Magenta or Siena. This creates a warm undertone followed by a loose sketch with pen or crayon. I work with rather thin liquid acrylic paint, as this dries quickly. The resulting traces are interesting (ie if the color is almost dripping down from the canvas) and sometimes remain visible.

After a tough and (felt) long learning phase in watercolor, I'm now working quite frequently in this medium. Specifically, foliage and plants can thus be represented wonderfully. I want the foliage to be represented in its finest form: it should shine and shimmer! But also have a mystical depth. That's what I'm working on and hoping to approach ...

Auf der Suche nach dem Motiv

Einige meiner Bilder sind von der Unterwasserwelt inspiriert.
Tauchen Sie mit mir ein und entdecken, was unter der Oberfläche liegt ...