About me

My paintings are colorful, and sometimes they evoke a  dreamlike impression. I create new worlds using paintbrush and water – always hoping that my excitement for nature and life shows through. I especially love the surprising quality of the painting process: the painting sometimes seems to create itself!

Artistic background

Born in 1969 in Schneverdingen, in the heart of the Lüneburger Heide. I passed the "Abitur" and served an apprenticeship as architectural draftsman
(You can already sense an artistic affinity)


Die German Gray Heath (please see "Heidschnucke – nicht stinkend") could not keep me in the rural place and so I went to Hamburg to work as a graphic designer in a consulting firm.
(A distinct tendency to artistic practice and water becomes apparent)


In 2004 I started my self-taught studies of fine art: drawing at first, then painting with pastels and eventually discovering liquid water media.
(A breakthrough – Petra grabs the paintbrush!)


Continued education at the international summer academy Pentiment in Hamburg, 2006 and 2008.


Since then permanent engagement in painting (e.g., visit my blog "Ein Tierportrait pro Woche").

A highlight is the yearly "Sommeratelier im Hafen" here in  Hamburg. A good way to meet other beginning and established artists, an exiliarating atmosphere in the industrial environment of the harbour. 

Auf der Suche nach dem Motiv

Einige meiner Bilder sind von der Unterwasserwelt inspiriert.
Tauchen Sie mit mir ein und entdecken, was unter der Oberfläche liegt ...